Ghost Dragon Statue, Ghosts, Skulls & Dragons Statues, Realistic Ghost Dragon Statue

Ghost Dragon Statue, Ghosts, Skulls & Dragons Statues, Realistic Ghost Dragon Statue

Realistic Ghost Dragon Statue

This Ghost Dragon Statue is incredibly realistic, each black and blue-tinged scale of the ghost dragon is a tactile experience. The Ghost Dragon is hand painted with exceptional detail and has been professionally sculpted. The feared Ghost Dragon is said to appear only when a new moon occurs on all Hallows’ Eve. The terrifying creatures seek ancient treasures and old foes on this night. Known for stealth, the Ghost Dragon blends in with the dark surroundings of the moonless nights it loves best. The detailed skull head, sharp claws, and ghostly wings complete a sinister appearance. A muted palate of black, grey, and dark blue stand in contrast to the white skull and green horns of this statue. “Although all dragons live incredibly long lives, Ghost Dragons never die. Long ago, a dragon stumbled upon a magical elixir, and drinking it eventually turned this dragon into a wraith, somewhere between the living and the dead, doomed forever to walk the earth on moonless nights. One of this Ghost Dragons could pass within a few feet without being detected”. A Ghost Dragon was a powerful type of ghost created when a dragon was slain and its hoard looted. Ghost dragons haunted their former lairs, unable to rest until their hoards were restored. A ghost dragon resembled the dragon as it was in life, except far more terrifying. His form is translucent and composed of swirling, sinister shadows. Only the mosts powerful of dragons had the strength of will to persist as ghost, and as such many dragon ghosts were already of ancient age and size by the time of their deaths.

Normally, they dwelt within the Ethereal Plane entirely, being both invisible and incorporeal, but they could manifest themselves at will to become visible on the Material Plane, but remained incorporeal. They communicated entirely in whispers. Although Ghost Dragons retained many of the traits that identified the breed of dragon that they were before their deaths, they did not retain their breath weapons. Instead, they breathed a cone of gray mist, which sometimes took the form of a ghostly parody of the breath weapon in life, such as flames, lightning, or acid, which sapped vitality from any creature in its path. This mist was paralyzingly cold and could induce nightmarish hallucinations and physical weakness, but the real danger was that anyone caught in the breath weapon would begin aging rapidly. This aging was proportional to their race’s longevity, so humans might find themselves as much as a century older while elves could find themselves older by a millennium. Ghost Dragons were so thoroughly steeped in this kind of magic that even just being near one of them could cause a creature to age by as many as 3 decades instantly. A ghost dragon could not be truly destroyed, only released from its undeath by providing it with the treasure it desired. If defeated and dispersed in combat, a ghost dragon would reform within 2 to 8 days. Realistic Ghost Dragon Statue measures: 5.7 inches / 14.5 cm x 4.7 inches / 12 cm x 4.7 inches / 12 cm.

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