Orange Floral Skull Statue, Nature, Flowers, Skulls & Symbolic Statues, Life Size Orange Floral Human Skull Head Statue

Orange Floral Skull Statue, Nature, Flowers, Skulls & Symbolic Statues, Life Size Orange Floral Human Skull Head Statue

Life Size Orange Floral Human Skull Head Statue

This Colorful Orange Floral Skull Statue in floral tattoo design is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. It is a larger sized skull in cream/bone color base, decorated in filigree style with colorful floral design texture. It is a wonderful skull for the Day Of The Dead! This skull is a multi-talented ghostly creation that is sure to be the star of the show. Skull Symbolism is the attachment of symbolic meaning to the human skull. The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death, mortality and the unachievable nature of immortality. Humans can often recognize the buried fragments of an only partially revealed cranium even when other bones may look like shards of stone. The human brain has a specific region for recognizing faces, and is so attuned to finding them that it can see faces in a few dots and lines or punctuation marks. The human brain cannot separate the image of the human skull from the familiar human face.

Because of this, both the death and the now-past life of the Skull are symbolized. Hindu temples and depiction of some Hindu deities have displayed association with skulls. Moreover, a human skull with its large eye sockets displays a degree of neoteny, which humans often find visually appealing, yet a skull is also obviously dead, and to some can even seem to look sad due to the downward facing slope on the ends of the eye sockets. A skull with the lower jaw intact may also appear to be grinning or laughing due to the exposed teeth. As such, Human Skulls often have a greater visual appeal than the other bones of the human skeleton, and can fascinate even as they repel. Our present society predominantly associates skulls with death and evil. The Skull Art instead is found in various cultures of the world. Indigenous Mexican art celebrates the skeleton and uses it as a regular motif.

The use of skulls and skeletons in art originated before the Conquest, The Aztecs excelled in stone sculptures and created striking carvings of their Gods. Coatlicue, the Goddess of earth and death, was portrayed with a necklace of human hearts, hands and a skull pendant. She was imbued with the drama and grandeur necessary to dazzle the subject people and to convey the image of an implacable state. The worship of death involved worship of life, while the skull, symbol of death, was a promise to resurrection. The Aztecs carved Skulls in monoliths of lava, and made masks of obsidian and jade. Furthermore, the skull motif was used in decoration. They were molded on pots, traced on scrolls, woven into garments, and formalized into hieroglyphs. Life Size Orange Floral Human Skull Head Statue measures: 8.1 inches / 20.5 cm x 6.1 inches / 15.5 cm x 6.1 inches / 15.5 cm.

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